Priapus Shot

For men, having better erections that last longer is optimal for healthy relationships and sex life. Furthermore, an improvement in penile length and girth can improve one’s confidence tremendously. If you’re looking to improve your confidence and sexual performance, maybe Priapus shot or p-shot is the solution for you.

The p-shot is a regenerative treatment that uses your blood platelets to increase the size, girth, and blood flow of the penis while improving the quality of erections. It also resolves penile pain, erectile dysfunction and enhances penile sensitivity.

If you want to resolve your penile issues, talk to our genito-urology specialists and we’ll discuss your options on the best treatments for you.

Regain your self-esteem and improve sexual functioning and penile aesthetic with the p-shot.

The p-shot works by deriving platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood. Your PRP will be injected into your penis. When activated, the proteins and growth factors that the platelets release can stimulate cellular regeneration, tissue repair, and formation of new blood vessels to improve blood flow to and functionality of the penis

The P-Shot is meant to make erections stronger, improve stamina, increase penile size, resolve curvature, reduce erection pain, and improve sensitivity and blood flow, which can aid in improving sexual experiences.

Important Facts to Know

The P-Shot is an effective, non-invasive treatment that is generally painless. It requires drawing blood from your arm, processing it, and injecting the derived PRP to your penis. There are minimal risks and side effects involved such as minor bleeding, swelling, or bruising. Make sure to enlist this service from medical specialists who know exactly if the treatment is right for you. Contact one of our certified specialists to discuss your options.


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