Pain Relief: Platelet Rich Plasma vs Stem Cell Therapy

Pain Relief: Platelet Rich Plasma vs Stem Cell Therapy

Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow or Wrist Pain?

Two New Therapies, Two Great Results. That is the consensus when it comes to managing joint pain. Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) therapy allow you to heal without invasive joint replacement surgeries. These are two different non-surgical treatments that harness the natural healing powers of your body in order to stimulate repair responses without painful and debilitating surgery. Faster Recovery & Less Complications.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy

PRP therapy is created by taking a blood sample from your own body and concentrating the platelets, which are  key to initiate wound healing in the body, and therefore contain rich concentrations of multiple types of growth factors. Once activated at the wound site, platelets release chemical signals that activate fibrin-platelet clots and draw white blood cells to the wound site in order to clear out damaged, dead, or pathogenic cells. In regenerative medicine, when these platelets are injected into a joint, their potent healing abilities are concentrated therefore providing effective relief from the cause of the joint pain and dysfunction.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are unique cells in the body that can mimic any other kind of cell, perfect for repairing worn or damaged tissues. They can also produce growth factors and other healing compounds that can further promote regeneration of worn or damaged tissues. The procedure is very simple. At Jouvence Aesthetics & Wellness, we used ultrasound technology to pinpoint the exact place where the joint is damaged. This allows us to precisely inject the liquid taken from umbilical cord tissue, which is high in stem cells into the damaged joints.

After a few days, in some cases a patient will begin to feel improvement, which will continue to get gradually better over a period of six months.

PRP vs Stem cell therapy

Of course, the obvious similarity is that both PRP and stem cell therapy work to rejuvenate, regrow and regenerate tissue that has been injured or damaged in some way.  While both are non-surgical regenerative therapies that aim to reduce chronic pain, expedite healing of injuries or diseases, the mechanisms behind platelet rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapy are different.

Stem cell therapy is different from PRP therapy. Unlike platelets taken from your blood, stem cells are retrieved from your bone marrow or fat deposits.

These exciting new therapies provide a new, non-surgical approach to treatment by harnessing the natural healing powers of your own body. Before choosing invasive procedures or surgery, it is important to understand all of your different options. That’s why we offer free medical consultations at our regenerative clinic in Manhattan for patients who want to see whether stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy can work for them.

Convenience is an Added Benefit

Unlike surgery and the long recovery associated with it, both stem cell and PRP therapies are usually performed in three convenient office visits. Most patients are in the office for only 45 minutes and then are off to enjoy the rest of their day. While there is a little discomfort associated with the procedure, it is nothing compared to the pain and inconvenience of surgery. Less pain, more convenience. It’s a win/win.

Less Pain, More Life

Regenerative stem cell therapy is repairing damaged joint tissue and restoring quality of life for pain suffers. This s not just a promotion of a new therapy. It works. Listen to those who have benefited.

Kris Taylor thought he would have to give up playing tennis, a sport he loves, due to tennis elbow.

Malé could barely walk around the park with his grandson due to joint pain in his ankles.

Daniel’s shoulder’s after pushing a chair for 40 year caused debilitating pain.


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